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Hey there! My name is Brian. But I tend to go by Getz in the gaming worlds. I’ve been playing video games and the like as far back as I can remember honestly. I have an older brother. I blame him. I grew up on Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and fortunately, a Commodore 64. Having been born in 1985, I feel like I kind of hit that sweet spot for the blending of the Old Ways meets the New. Old enough to know how we used to do things, young enough to understand how the new stuff works.

My Digital Passion: So one of my absolute biggest passions is PC Gaming. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what got me hooked on computers, but I can say I was young and became infatuated with technology. I built my first “Gaming Rig” at the tender age of 7. And just kept going from there. I was never much of a Comic Book or Pen & Paper RPG guy, but I did grow up with a understanding and respect for them. I took to Video Games pretty hard though. They were a huge part of my childhood and kept me sane as I grew into adulthood. Here I am today in my Mid-30s still going strong and I don’t really intend on ever quitting. Video games have done wonders for me over the years, they have introduced me to friends I would have never met otherwise. People who have, over the years, become some of my most trusted and dependable of friends, and some I even consider family at this point.

That is what makes gaming special in my opinion. It’s not simply an activity to do by yourself, it’s an activity that can be done with others, and in some cases, thousands of others. You can form groups, or clans as we sometimes call them. You can create, foster and grow communities around shared interests. You can make friends that last for a lifetime.

Getz Plays

Eve Online

Since 2002

Star Citizen

Since 2014


Since 2018


Since 2018

I’m a jack of all trades type. I enjoy games from many genres and settings. Sci-Fi is probably the one settings I enjoy the most. Space Sims are definitely my favorite types of games though, having been playing them since the days of Elite and Wing Commander in the 90s.

Anything Space related. I’m very interested in space travel and the future of human’s in space. I also enjoy learning about where we came from. The origins of everything. And how we are essentially made from Star Dust. That said, I am also big into Nature and the beautiful landscapes of our home that is Earth. And then of course, Gaming and Music. Because those are things too haha. I have other interests, but they would fill up this page, so we will save that for another time.

Guns, RC Cars, My Gaming/PC loves, and my animals. I have 2 Dogs, a Cat, and a Bearded Dragon. Herpetology is great!

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