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0ldeCrow, or “Little Charlie” as he was referred to then, was born and raised outside of Collinsville, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. He spent his summers in the deep woods of south Missouri with his grandparents, uncles, aunts and many, many cousins during his younger years.

At the end of his rural street, on the bad side of town, a Radio Shack provided his first and most important exposure to the world of computers and programming. This would have a giant impact on the rest of his life. He spent most days after school and every Saturday hanging out at this store, much to the amusement and ire of its employees and management.

In 1989, at the age of 19, he joined the U.S. Army and went through OSUT (One Station Unit Training) at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Trained as a 19D Cavalry Scout he was stationed first in Bamberg, Germany, and then deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. After Iraq, he returned to Ft. Knox, Kentucky to finish out his initial four-year enlistment training leaders at the Scout Commander’s Certification Course (SCCC). 0ldeCrow received the Army Achievement medal three times and the Army Commendation Medal twice during this time.

While Stationed at Ft. Knox, 0ldeCrow met his wife, Kellina, and they have been married since 1991. They have 3 children named Kelsey, Caitlyn and Cooper.
After his initial four years in the army, Chuck tried his hand at higher education but was unsuited to its lack of structure. He rejoined the army in 1993 and was Stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado with the 4th Infantry Division and later with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. After 5 years at Ft. Carson, he transferred to South Korea where he joined the 4th Squadron, Seventh Cavalry at Camp Garry Owen. Chuck left the U.S. Army in January of the year 2000 having served for 10 years in total.

After leaving South Korea, he returned to the Ft. Knox area as a civilian. Initially attending junior college locally and finally finding employment as a computer technician and Visual Studio Application Developer.

0ldeCrow continues to live and work in the Ft. Knox/Louisville area of Kentucky and Southern Indiana as an IT Consultant and Technician. He enjoys playing sci-fi computers games like Eve Online, survival games like DayZ and DeadSide, and city building games like Banished, Ostriv, and Dawn of Man.

Oldecrow Plays


Since 2002


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AD&D/Tabletop RPG

Since 1989

Star Citizen

Since 2014

I like games and movies that mix the serious with the humorous. I especially a fan of games movies and TV shows like Firefly, Battle Star Galactica, Wing Commander, Ultima I-VIII, Alien and Stargate Universe.

Put a weapon in my hand and point me a general direction. Hope I don’t get turned around….

Coding, Model Trains, Gaming (PC), Tinkering with my PC to keep it running….

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