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My name is Billy, and I am a thirtysomething guy who lives in California, deep in the sands of the Mojave Desert. I started my career as a field biologist studying fish, small mammals, and birds. I pivoted about ten years ago into the technology industry, and I currently work as a system administrator for the Navy. My folks put me in cub scouts when I was a kid, and I worked my way up through Order of the Arrow and to the rank of Eagle Scout. My hobbies include miniature wargames, board games, role-playing games, and pc games. I have been known to go outdoors as well to walk the dog and hike in the Sierra Nevadas.

RPG Experience
I started out playing 1st & 2nd edition D&D when I was a teenager. I ended up playing through high school with 3rd edition, 3.5, and finally pathfinder, leaving behind THACO and 18-00 Strength. I skipped 4th edition and did not stray from pathfinder until 5th edition D&D was released. I have been pretty addicted ever since.

DM Style
My campaign world still pays homage to my roots back in 1st edition. I try to achieve a sandbox world that is not confined by linear plots and is dark and filled with shades of grey. Many motives and schemes are in motion in the peripheral vision of the player characters. They are not the automatic movers and shakers unless the players actively maneuver into that situation. I don’t railroad, or take normal, reasonable options out of the players’ hands, and forcing them down a specific choice or path. Rather, I rely on players to collaboratively tell the story. Evil can win, and the future is not yet determined.

Rinzler Plays

Star Citizen

Since 2012

Eve Online

Since 2002

War Thunder

Since 2012


Since 2009

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