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Hello and welcome! My name is Andrew (Drew) and my first computer game was F-15 Strike Eagle in 1984. I sat in the seat of an aircraft at the controls for the first time in real life that same year and everyone in close proximity was very fortunate I was not airborne. In the years since aircraft were displayed as a three wired triangle, I have tried to keep a balance between gaming and real life (granted, at times unsuccessfully).


A military education proved to be the cultivating site of the most profound moments in my early life. I was fortunate enough to be selected as cadet of the academy I attended in the mid 90s, although I credit my company for doing most of the heavy lifting. I also had the distinct privilege of being a leading part of the honor guard assembled to present the “Bob Hope Five-Star Award” to Walter Cronkite for his tremendous service to the United States. In addition, I had the humble opportunity to be introduced to Bob Hope, General Norman Schwarzkopf, President H.W. Bush, and many other notable figures and personalities. I respect those who achieve greatness but refuse to be put on a pedestal. How you handle failure on the road to success is just as important as achievements themselves.

In civilian life, I am formerly the proprietor of a specialized marketing/advertising agency that operated in the northeastern United States for over a decade. Now I keep busy with charity work and small projects here and there when opportunities present themselves. Although my skillset is beginning to rust a bit, I have served in a variety of consulting arrangements with organizations in the New York/Philadelphia regions. My executive functions have included research, product response, standards, marketing technology, user-experience, architecture, e-commerce, social media, and building a suite of supporting tools including but not limited to digital content distribution. If I am actually any good? I leave that to others to decide.

My Approach

I am a big fan of being open and honest about all things and let the cards fall where they may. I tend to gravitate towards friends that show an absence of ego and folks that understand we are here for gaming fun above all else. If you are the type that believes you know better compared to everyone else in the room, chances are we will not get along. My interests revolve around contributions to a larger team that know how to work together, expanding great ideas into practical plans that can be realized. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always the popular thing. I believe the true measure of great leadership is the ability to listen and create an environment where people can grow and succeed.

In the gaming world, fun is always the target. The ability of folks to understand real life comes first is important to me personally.

Vargr Plays

Star Citizen

Since 2012

Eve Online

Since 2002

War Thunder

Since 2012


Since 2009

If it is a half-decent Sci-Fi title I likely have it or have tried it at some point. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from The Expanse to Battlestar Galactica… science fiction is at the heart of my gaming interests. Generally I also have an affinity for anything that puts me in the seat of a giant machine, from mechs to spacecraft.

I also play quite a bit of Stellaris, Hearts of Iron, the Total War series and anything that gives you strategic control of systems with tactical execution. Anything with a learning curve that requires time investment.

Airshows, aircraft and spacecraft models, PC builds and spending too much money on cars and things that move quickly.

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