Callign: Vilmalith


Vilmalith grew up near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His uncles love computers and passed along the love of technology to him. After high school, he immediately started work in IT. He still lives near Milwaukee with his wife Icana and his dogs and cats.

Starting out with games like Wing Commander on the Apple IIe when he was 3 and then much later his first MMO, Ultima Online, Vilmalith enjoys playing PC games like MMO’s, FPS’s and RTS’s. Star Citizen, Eve, Stellaris, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and WarThunder are the Volund games he favors currently. With a heavy side of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and Division 2.

A man of few words, V will tell you what he thinks if you ask. And sometimes if you don’t.

Vilmalith Plays

Star Citizen

Since 2014

Eve Online

Since 2003

Star Trek Online

Since 2010


Since 2016

I currently play Star Citizen, EVE, Division 2 and Star Trek Online. Throwing in some Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars the Old Republic here and there when I’m bored.

I typically play all the major releases and bounce around between them. Currently playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Division 2, Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus.

We have been playing a lot of Stellaris. I also enjoy the Total War series and really any other major RTS release from Master of Orion to Endless Space 2 to Supreme Commander.

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